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Don't get rid of your belongings!

We'll be the first to admit that it's always good to do a little spring cleaning, but throwing away all of your precious belongings just because you're running out of room is never necessary! It doesn't matter what your storage needs are - Best Wes-Ten has the right unit for you!


From furniture to office equipment, and even those beautiful antiques you inherited from your grandparents - we'll fit you into a unit where all your things will fit!

Need less room than you thought?

Don't worry - we won't let you get a more expensive storage unit that you don't really need. Call us today and let our locally operated staff help you figure out the perfect sized facility that fits everything you need to store, with only a little room for more!

Highly secured and locked storage units | Oklahoma City, OK

A better storage facility

 •  Lighted and secure facilities

 •  Month to month leases available

 •  Gated community access

 •  No long term contracts

What unit do you want?

If you're interested in getting a storage unit from us, give us a call! We have several different unit sizes available to cover all of your storage needs, as well as tips to help you pace your belongings up safely!

You won't be charged hidden fees on your unit with us!

Safe Units!

Let a locally owned and operated storage facility take care of your things!

Safe Units!