Best Wes-Ten | Oklahoma City, OK

A gated community to keep your stored stuff safe

You don't want anyone going near your stored stuff, and we completely understand that. That's why Best Wes-Ten has full security measures to keep your cargo safe from prying eyes.


No one can walk into our facility without first purchasing a storage system with us, and everyone gets their own key. With extra security lighting inside and out of each unit, along with a tall fence to keep out the more criminally inclined, your stuff will be safe from harm.

Special rates you can't wait for!


Moving out box packaging storage | Oklahoma City, OK

Get some tips on storing in style

So you've signed up for your storage unit, but you're not sure how to properly pack it - Best Wes-Ten can help! Check out our tips page for some helpful hints on how to keep your belongings protected from damage.

Don't pay more - we offer $10 security deposits for our storage units!


Take advantage of our month to month leases for short storage stays!

Need More Space?

Our unique units

 •  5x5 foot units

 •  5x10 foot units

 •  10x10 foot unit

 •  10x14 foot units

 •  10x20 foot units

 •  10x30 foot units

Are you looking for a little more from your storage unit? When you come to Best Wes-Ten for your storage solutions, ask about our available specials.

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